Explore the Trails of Provence

Rides & Hikes in Nature

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, our region boasts an extensive network of marked trails for hiking and riding.

Astonishing rides and hikes surround us, offering a variety of marked circuits to explore the natural beauty of Provence.

Types of Marked Circuits:

  • Great Hike Paths (GR): Marked with red and white, these are long-distance trails.
  • Country Hike Paths (GRP): Marked with red and yellow, these trails explore the countryside.
  • Short Hike Paths (PR): Marked with yellow, these are shorter, more accessible hikes.
  • Equestrian Paths: Marked with orange, these trails are designed for horseback riding.
  • Other Paths: Marked with green, these offer additional routes for exploration.

Here is a link to hundreds of different paths: https://www.randogps.net/