Nature's Beauty at Your Doorstep

Our Garden

Explore our lush garden, a sanctuary of Provencal beauty featuring ancient olive trees, vibrant fruit trees, and blooming roses year-round.

Our garden is a vibrant and diverse haven, showcasing a variety of Provencal plants.

Among the highlights are several ancient olive trees and a more recent olive orchard planted with the local “Verdale de Carpentras” variety, which produces excellent olive oil each year.

We also have an array of fruit trees, including exquisite apricots and figs perfect for our homemade jams and tarts. The garden features a dozen apple trees, a walnut tree, a hazelnut tree, almond trees, a plane tree, various species of magnolia, pine trees, cypress trees, and different species of cedars.

With around a hundred rose plants, the garden bursts with colors and fragrances throughout the year.

Relax in a lounge chair and enjoy romantic moments with your loved one in this stunning environment.

For those who want to experience the true Provencal lifestyle, a pétanque (local bowling game) court is available.