Taste Our Homegrown Honey

Beekeeping & Honey Collecting

Experience the sweet rewards of our beekeeping efforts at Bastide Saint-Didier. From caring for the bees to collecting honey, see how we bring nature’s finest to your table.

Since January 2018, my father and I have been caring for four bee nests on our property in Saint-Didier. With dedicated care, we collect excellent honey each mid-August.

A crucial tool in our beekeeping is the smoker, which helps calm the bees and divert their attention when we open the hives. The smoker produces cold smoke that is harmless to the bees.

In the white frames (upper part of the hive), bees store their honey, while the lower part (below picture) is for the bee brood. After collecting the frames, we ensure our bees have enough food by leaving them some honey and adding syrup in the upper part (in the brown plastic container shown in the picture). We continue to add syrup in the following weeks to ensure they have sufficient food for winter and early spring.

Once all the frames are collected, we quickly retreat to avoid being followed by the bees. At home, we cut the wax cover on the frames to release the honey into a bucket. The frames are then placed in a centrifuge extractor to remove all the honey.

The honey flows from the extractor into our bucket, and from there, it is poured into glass jars. Finally, this delicious honey is served in ramekins for our lucky guests to enjoy!